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rice bowl

A very cute bowl made of rice !

On the blog today, i present you a very cute and original way to present your veggies and proteins saute.

Recently, i made a very cute Bento and i took a selfie with it. I shared that photo on my socials networks.

Mmmhh… it looked like that :


Annnddd…. some of my friends told me i should not eat that bowl… (duh !)

…. and it gave me an idea ! If… the bowl was edible?

I decided to make a bowl made of sushi rice ! You want to know how ? Let me explain.


A bowl made of rice

  1. Cook the sushi rice ( mine is from AKI SUSHI )
  2. Let it cool down a little bit (If you don’t want to get burned)
  3. When the rice is cooling down, take a plastic bowl ( Mine is:  boîte Bentô Hana iro round ) and put a Saran wrap in the bowl and make it fit perfectly.
  4. Put salt in your rice ( The salt will help the rice sticking together ) .
  5. With your wet hand, put the rice in the bowl, form the rice like the bowl .
  6. Put the bowl in the fridge while cooking the main dish.

Main dish ( General Tao Chicken with a vegetables stir fry )

I used :

rice bowl


Make it happen !

  1. Get out the rice bowl from the fridge, get it out of the plastic bowl and put it on a wooden plate.
  2. Put the veggies in the rice bowl
  3. Put the chicken in the rice bowl
  4. Decorate the bowl with seaweeds

That’s it ! Don’t forget to add this blog post on Pinterest ! 🙂

Bon appétit !

Valérie xxx


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  • Reply
    Bernice Hill
    4 janvier 2017 at 21 h 46 min

    super adorable! How do you come up with such cuteness?

    • Reply
      Valérie Lévesque
      4 janvier 2017 at 22 h 02 min

      Awww thanks !!!! I love every cute things in the world ! My foods needs to be cute too ! 😀

  • Reply
    5 janvier 2017 at 1 h 24 min

    That is adorable! What a great idea.

  • Reply
    Jo and Sue
    5 janvier 2017 at 7 h 34 min

    So adorable!

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